Suz Sanchez Studio is a Gernika, Bizkaia (Spain) based creative studio focusing on textile pattern design, art direction, brand/identity development, graphic design, and  illustration for a wide range of international clients.

Suz is working in the fashion industry since 2005. The studio was established in 2010, and has since then been working with the most well-known and influencial brands in fashion, culture and arts. She also communicated with manufacturers for execution of samples, in India, China, Turkey, Portugal and other world suppliers. Doing the control product process, to start up the production process according to design specifications, or coolhunter fashion tendencies.

Suz is University Graduate in Marketing and Advertising  and finished her studing career in Master in Digital Media Design and a Postgraduate Diploma in Web Project Management and Design in Elisava School in  Barcelona. Today she is doing a Doctors Degree in Graphic Design.

The result today is a unique artist with brilliant ideas running a studio, a jewelry brand  and an arty/handmade brand. The style is fresh and positive, naif, clean lines, running into an organic world. The work of Suz Sanchez Studio has been appeared in numerous magazines and books.